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A New Dimension for Photography
The GigaPan System allows experienced and novice photographers to create high-resolution panorama images more easily than ever before and the resulting GigaPan images offer viewers a new, unique perspective on the world. The GigaPan System is the first solution that offers everything needed to take high-resolution panoramic images in a single system: the robotic GigaPan Imager attachment for most digital cameras; the GigaPan Stitcher software that automatically combines the thousands of images taken into a single image, and the GigaPan Viewer on the site that enables the unique mega-high resolution viewing experience.

How it works:
The GigaPan System has three fully integrated and easy to use parts.
• GigaPan Epic & Epic 100
• GigaPan Stitcher

Once you attach your digital camera to the GigaPan Epic robotic mount, it directs you through the steps to capture a gigapixel image. You set the upper left and lower right corners of your panorama and the Epic works out how many photos your camera will need to take, hundreds or even thousands, and automatically organizes them into the correct rows and columns needed to capture your panorama.

The robotic arm clicks away, capturing amazing detail in a short amount of time.

Once you have captured your shot, the individual images are uploaded onto your computer and into the GigaPan Stitcher software. Stitcher does the work for you, aligning and blending your individual pictures together into a single image. You can then easily upload to your account at where you can view and share.
Still not clear on how it works?
Maybe a video of the Gigapan Epic in Action will help.
stacks_image_30D3446A-31A6-4D5F-917B-DE03C272533D is a new type of website for exploring, sharing and commenting on gigapixel panoramas and the detail our users will discover within them. The GigaPan website allows hosting and sharing all kinds of panoramas, and so the robotic GigaPan mount is recommended but is certainly not required to be part of this community. is the newest development of the Global Connection Project, which aims to help us meet our neighbors across the globe, and learn about our planet itself. GigaPan will help bring distant communities and peoples together through images that have so much detail that they are, themselves, the objects of exploration, discovery and wonder. We believe that enabling people to explore, experience, and share each other's worlds can be a transforming experience. Our mission is to make all aspects of the GigaPan experience accessible and affordable to the broadest possible community.
Development Team
The GigaPan Imager uses the same panoramic photo technology as the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, used to collect amazing panoramic images of Mars. The original GigaPan Imager prototype and related software were devised by a team led by Randy Sargent, a senior systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon West and the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., and Illah Nourbakhsh, an associate professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

GigaPan Systems
GigaPan Systems was established in 2008 as a commercial spin-off of a successful collaboration between researchers at NASA and Carnegie Mellon University that developed the breakthrough GigaPan System for creating high-resolution panoramic images. GigaPan Systems was founded to bring this powerful, high-resolution imaging capability to a broad audience.

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