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cena kwh
2016/10/10 - 08:42
only tells the true

Nancy Temple
2014/05/10 - 10:21

They ARE smiling. Ugh, grammar and editing on an iPad present a challenge!

Nancy Temple
2014/05/10 - 10:18

Hi Mosely,

It is a treat to find that you are well and happy! We haven't seen you since we lived in San Diego. Really missing your parents this weekend. Such fond memories of how vital they were to us. Michael will be 34 in August and keeps photos of them in his home. They were all the family that he had for most of his young life. He still does that frog croak sound that your dad would do with him. His favorite photo of the two of them is standing on a curb, Mac and Michael, eating churros. Michael Adam Coolidge initials MAC...did not go unnoticed by your father. To honor Uncle MAC. God Bless you, I know he andAunt Nina is smiling on you still. With fond memories, Nancy

Laura Clark
2013/10/08 - 22:51

Hope you are doing well. Just catching up with you and looking at all the wonderful pictures. Missing Aunt Phynis and Uncle Mac and thought of you.

Sissy Swaffer Scruggs
2012/02/08 - 18:56

Mosley, the pictures are beautiful! Please contact me. I have some pictures I'd love to share with you.

Jaynie Flippin West
2011/11/23 - 15:31

So sorry to hear about Phynis. She was a wonderful lady & I have many fond memories of her.

B. Franklin
2011/11/19 - 17:43

What an awesome sight. Though I live here in Greenville, I was amazed at the shots taken of our lovely town. The other shots make want to venture out and visit. Thanks!

nicole pecorino
2011/07/12 - 06:55

wah wah everytime i think of you i think back to high school when me you and mary were on the phone thats where i gave you your nick name wah wah because mary was whinging on the phone and then you started to say wah wah!! uhhh will i miss you you were my homie and i will never forget you!! i miss you and love you wah wah!

Andrew Cuscito
2010/09/14 - 12:03

Hey John, this site is pretty awesome.

Justin Dunaway
2010/09/14 - 11:51

Hey John!

Paris Pope
2010/07/15 - 13:11

Hi Mosley!
Bet you thought you'd never hear from me again. I was looking for some former friends and thought; "What the hell, I'll try and find Mosley, and lo & behold the power of the internet comes through again! It looks as if you're doing well, & I hope you're happy because we all deserve a little happiness.......Take care.....Paris

Jaynie Flippin West
2010/04/19 - 16:20

I am so glad to find this website and see my dear sweet Phynis and our old buddy Mac. I knew Phynis before she left Lafayette. We last visited with them in Myrtle Beach in 2002. I was so sorry to hear of Mac's passing. I hope she is doing well, I would love to see her. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are beautiful.
Jaynie West

Bill Brouhle
2010/02/17 - 11:28

Yo Mosley, What is the word my friend? How is life after Tekgraf...? Just a note to say hi and hope all is well. Let me know if you ever find your self in the neighborhood or at any of the shows and we will hook up to have a talk..

2010/02/12 - 20:31
Just found your panoramic photos. Good stuff.

I ride a motorcycle and tour the local sights near Easley.

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